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hi im jojo, im happilly married with 2 children. i own a king charles called gracie and we spend all our time together. kids are getting older and spending less time with me, so im trying to find new interests. my husband Ian is my full time carer as im wheelchair bound. we have our bad days but make the most of the good days.always manage a smile cos a smile costs nothing but can give so much :)

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Evening everyone....... hope you are all staying safe and warm in this horrible weather....... 

i havent posted in quite a while but decided i wanted to get back to logging my thoughts and events as well as my crafty makes...... 

So this is me ...... im 39 this year which doesnt seem right as mentally i still feel very young and vunrable........ and my body feels like im 80 with aches and pains and not doing as it is told..... 
thats because of Fibromyalgia.... and a silly brain that doesnt no how to message my right leg (hence the wheelchair). 

When im not sleeping i like to cross stitch .This Fairy on the moon is one of my favourites :) 
I have also just started an interest in sewing.... My gorgeous hubby bought me a sewing machine for christmas so im looking into quilting and  toys or anything pretty. 

My first go at a sewing project was to make a comfort quilt for a special little girl that is fighting cancer..... she is having proton treatment in america and has taken the quilt with her. i asked my online stitchty friends to cross stitch a girly design and send it to me and this is what we came up with. winky wonky lines but adds character lol dont you think?
im planning my next project already but its all a bit hush hush as going to be a present for a special friend. 

anyway thats my first post. hope i havent bored you too much..... 

goodnight bloggers sleep well and stay warm.xxx 

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