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hi im jojo, im happilly married with 2 children. i own a king charles called gracie and we spend all our time together. kids are getting older and spending less time with me, so im trying to find new interests. my husband Ian is my full time carer as im wheelchair bound. we have our bad days but make the most of the good days.always manage a smile cos a smile costs nothing but can give so much :)

Monday, 25 March 2013

                                     Happy Monday all.......... 

well i hope it has been happy :) 

i started my day with scrambled eggs and bacon ..... its a Wheat Belly thing you see........ Whats wheat belly i hear you ask..... well its a new lifestyle  ( i did not say diet ). i have chosen to go grain free, low carb and eat as natural as possible..... this is ment to make my symptoms of Fibromyalgia easier to manage....... less pain, more energy and better digestive system. 

Too early to tell if its going to work but ive lost an inch off my waist and 4 lb in weight..... tummy doesnt bloat like it use to ,but as for the Fibro pain well thats still making its presence known . Not to mention that my body hasnt got the idea of more energy yet... i still need my afternoon nap to get me through the day........ 
So after a morning of visiting garden centres looking  for a draw hoe ( i have no idea what it is ) with my hubby Ian , needless to say i am exhausted...... OH i didnt tell you about my Hubby. He is the special man in my life. My friend, my lover , my partner in crime and my full time carer....... hes the one that picks me up off the floor after fall, the one that cuddles me when i get sad and frustrated and the one that makes me laugh everyday  :)

Anyway we never found this elusive draw hoe so we gave up, came home for a cuppa. its normally at these relaxing moments that i start to get sleepy and yep you guessed it i had my afternoon nap....

Ive just woken to the smell of roasting pork and veggies bubbling away . mmmmm food !!

 thats enough chit chat about me and my day....... im signing off now so as always big hugs stay safe and warm be back soon.xxx 

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