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hi im jojo, im happilly married with 2 children. i own a king charles called gracie and we spend all our time together. kids are getting older and spending less time with me, so im trying to find new interests. my husband Ian is my full time carer as im wheelchair bound. we have our bad days but make the most of the good days.always manage a smile cos a smile costs nothing but can give so much :)

Sunday, 31 March 2013

well its been nealy a week since my last post and what a week...... ive started new pain medication and they are working a treat but i am in a constant state of sleepiness...... 

because of this ive not much to report really...... no crafting thats for sure..... 

i am starting a new diet plan this week which leaves me completly grain free, no processed foods, no sugar and little to no fruit....... but i am uping extra virgin coconut oil ,which i will add to my coffee , lots of eggs, meat and green veg. Fingers crossed it too will help my pain control , will give me more energy and lastly lose some weight........... 

im aslo going back to aqua aerobics.... the water is great for my joints but i get very tired ,very quickly..... but least i can say im having a go :) 

Hope everyone has had a lovely Easter weekend and not pigged out too much on choccy...... :)  

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